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Ultimate Glass Coatings

"You Can't See the Protective Coating On Your Glass Splashback, But You'll Know It's There!"
Ultimate Glass Coatings was developed in response to  a demand for a product that would reduce cleaning time and assist in maintaining the stunning, sophisticated appearance of a glass splashback.
Water and oil adheres to glass and over time can make the surface difficult to clean. Our coating protects your glass splashback, allowing water and oil to bead on the surface just like a non stick frying pan, making it very easy to clean.
The benefits of our coating:
  • It will cut your cleaning time by up to 90% - you won't need to clean nearly as often and when cleaning is required, all it takes is a quick wipe;
  • Our anti-stick coating will save you water, time and money;
  • The coating will repel dirt and grease and provide protection from lime, corrosion, fungus and mould;
  • Your glass splashback will stay clear and bright;
  • Our coating is extremely affordable and the application process takes no longer than 30 minutes.
Ultimate Glass Coatings is available exclusively to Ultimate Glass Splashbacks' customers. All of our staff are licensed applicators.
Ultimate Glass Coatings comes with a 10 year warranty on all new glass splashback applications.
Protect your investment and reduce your cleaning time! When contacting our office with respect to your glass splashback, ask our team about our coating product and obtain an instant quote.