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Clear Glass vs Starphire Glass


Are you in the process of obtaining quotes for a coloured glass splashback? Be sure to check which "glass type" you are being quoted as this will greatly impact on and affect your colour selection.

Clear glass contains a high content of iron and is therefore quite green in colour (this is not visible to the naked eye unless you view the glass from its side). Clear glass will alter the look of the colour sprayed on the back. This glass type is best used for very dark colour selections such as black and extremely dark browns or grey tones. Clear glass is also often used to achieve a light mint green tone.

In contrast, starphire glass has a low content of iron and is used for light to medium colour tones to ensure your true colour comes through without a green tinge. Starphire glass must be used if selecting colours such as whites, neutrals or light greys.  

If you are interested in a coloured glass splashback, we highly recommend you ensure your glass splashback supplier specifies in writing the type of glass they are using for your order. At Ultimate Glass Splashbacks, we take no short cuts and offer professional advice regarding the correct glass type to use depending on your colour selection. At our glass splashback showroom in Tullamarine, our friendly team can show you the difference between clear and starphire glass and how colour differs depending on your glass type selection. Our aim is to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your final colour selection.

If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our office on (03) 9026 1390.